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Chrysaalis is a premier content development organisation formed to cater to the learning needs of young children in the age group of 3 to 10 years.



a math-based thinking skills development program for children in the age group of 3 to 6 years.

Smart Steps

An extension of the i-Maths program, Smart Steps aims to cater to the children's imagination and help enter the abstract world.

Innovative Intelligence

An unique program aimed to help children develop Innovative Thinking Abilities..


A course which helps children get coached for competitive exams.

Creating a strong foundation for a life time of learning

Our Company

Premier Content Development Organisation

Chrysaalis has been leading the charge in designing and developing innovative methods to foster thinking skills in young children since 2005. Today, Chrysaalis is a leading developer of content for young children focusing on developing high quality, after-school programs that not only enrich the learning process but also foster a strong foundation based on "Thinking & Reasoning" in children from an early age.


Our Vision

By the turn of 2020, the Company shall have turned out one lakh children as original, lateral, and individual thinkers, with creative & critical insights, and contributed them as globally competent assets to the society and nation.


Our Mission

By the year 2015, the Company shall be renowned as the pioneer for an era of fundamentally sound and sustainingly holistic system of globally effective “Thinking Skills Development Programs”, that are ‘recreational’ in essential character and primarily catering to early-childhood education.