Franchisee Benefits

Business Opportunity

Chrysaalis offers play schools and activity centers, an exciting and unique opportunity; to not only add business value to their schools but also to place themselves in a niche segment, with internationally acclaimed programs for pre-schoolers. The programs developed by Chrysaalis are based on the "after school" model, which optimises the use of infrastructure and manpower thereby minimising operational / start up costs and maximising revenues. The exclusivity afforded by the programs aide franchisees to reach out to children outside their school and expand their business base.

  • Low / negligible start up cost
  • Expanded business potential using existing infrastructure
  • Low break even period
  • High Return on Investment
  • Exclusivity in a specified area
  • Opportunity to penetrate into secondary markets thereby expanding presence in the given domain
  • Retention of students beyond the KG level, thereby enhancing earning per child
  • Quality Programs are highly sought after by parents and this forms the premise of the franchise opportunity
  • The absence of any note worthy "Same in Class" programs adds to the uniqueness of the business proposition
  • Chrysaalis is a dedicated content development company focused on developing programs that create and enhance strong thinking skills in children with exposure to both contact based and online formats of content development. With this dexterity in operations, Franchisees would have the opportunity to explore different programs on offering
  • The Chrysaalis team works closely with its franchisees to ensure a quick turn around time in terms of business stabilisation and breaking even
  • The franchisees are thoroughly trained on the different aspects of the starting and managing a Chrysaalis Franchise, profitably
  • The Franchisees are continuously trained and monitored to ensure standardised dissemination of franchised program Opportunity to periodic exposure to renowned personalities in the field of early learning via symposiums and lectures

About us

iMaths is creative Math program designed in accordance with how children learn Mathematics and aims to foster creativity and lateral thinking abilities in young children. The program caters to children in the age group of 4 years to 7 years.


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